Greetings and welcome to the Kosmos 100 x 100 Fundraiser page!

Komos is an exciting and innovative new space for art, music, and knowledge soon to open in Roanoke, Virginia.

We believe in the magic of love and community support. The video describes the vision and scope of this unique creative project together with the history and qualifications of its founder. Please take a moment to peruse our website and read about what inspires us to action in the world.

Kosmos will promote and advance contemporary visual art, offer weekly Archetypal Disco dance parties, and support ongoing scholarship projects. The space will grow to nurture local and international artists, writers, poets, dancers, musicians, and scholars through both an online format and presentation and exhibition of work in the gallery space.

To bring this vision into the world, we are conducting a fundraiser. Our goal is to find 100 individuals willing to support us with a donation of $100.

These 100 individuals will form the supportive core upon which this project will be founded—a sort of council of elders who will be honored and celebrated on our website and featured on a plaque in the gallery space. If you prefer to remain anonymous please let us know.

Supporters will also receive an original signed work on paper by owner and founder, Gelareh Khoie, and a complimentary lifetime membership.

Our aim is to nurture an expansion of love, beauty, and soulful inquiry. Thank you for helping to sustain the advancement of art, music, and erudition in the world.


Gelareh Khoie, Founder