For about 8 months, I attempted to open a new new artistic space in Roanoke, Virginia—a place for art and artistic expression, a space for music and dancing, and a locus for advanced learning and study. However, as it turns out, teh location was not ideal and the town a little too small for the kind of vision I had for this space. Having decided to turn my attention very seriously to my scholastic pursuits, Kosmos will now be an online space I will utilize to curate artwork and writing from a variety fo artists and writers and depth psychologists so that it will be a communal space for all.

Kosmos is a Greek word with a unique meaning which combines order, structural perfection, and beauty. The ancient Greeks believed the natural world embodied these attributes, which is how Kosmos (more commonly, Cosmos) came to mean the universe in general.

This space was to be a follow up to my previous effort along these lines—a highly successful contemporary and alternative art and music space in Honolulu, Hawaii called thirtyninehotel. You can find out more about it at www.thirtyninehotel.com.

I am a passionate advocate for art, music, and learning with thirty years of experience as a working artist and entrepreneur. You can learn more about me and my work at www.gelarehkhoie.com.


At Kosmos, the primary areas of interest are scholarship and learning, the cultivation of a committed community of music lovers who think of dancing as a form of spiritual worship, and visual art. These three areas—art, music, and erudition—encompass my vision as an artist and scholar. Each area of interest allows for an infinite variety of expression and research. Kosmos is therefore akin to an alchemical laboratory where this assortment of creative outlets can be explored and articulated.

These practices will continue, albeit online. I am also cultivating a community of music lovers and lovers of truth and wisdom who have joined my growing congregation in the Disco Liberation Movement. Each week, I upload a verbal sermon and a song to dance to after listening. Soon, I will be uploading whole DJ sets, the musical sermon and the verbal sermon that aim to help everyone with the difficult task of transforming into awakened beings.

At Kosmos and at the DLM, the aim is to nurture an expansion of love, beauty, and soulful inquiry. We hope to achieve this through our ongoing creative endeavors.