Kosmos is a Greek word with a unique meaning combining order, structural perfection, and beauty. The ancient Greeks believed the natural world embodied these attributes, which is how Kosmos (more commonly, Cosmos) came to mean the world in general.

Kosmos is a new artistic space opening in December 2018, in Roanoke, Virginia—a place for art and artistic expression, a space for music and dancing, and a locus for advanced learning and study.

I am creating this space as a follow up to my other effort along these lines—a wildly successful contemporary and alternative art and music space in Honolulu, Hawaii called thirtyninehotel. You can find out more about it at www.thirtyninehotel.com.

I am a passionate advocate for art, music, and learning with thirty years of experience as a working artist and entrepreneur. You can learn more about me and my work at www.gelarehkhoie.com.

At Kosmos, the primary areas of interest are scholarship and learning, the cultivation of a committed community of music lovers who think of dancing as a form of spiritual worship, and visual art. These three areas—art, music, and erudition—encompass my vision as an artist and scholar. Each area of interest allows for an infinite variety of expression and research. Kosmos is therefore akin to a laboratory where this assortment of creative outlets can be explored and articulated.

Our world is in trouble and artists, visionaries, scholars, and engaged activists can use creative methods to help pave a way towards healing and reconciliation in a time of fear and inequity. To this end, Kosmos offers individuals an alternative spiritual pursuit that enriches the soul and builds bonds of solidarity which can lead to the production of effective and constructive counter measures in the world.

We will provide a warm and loving physical space as well as virtual space online for human bonding through respectful exploration of ideas. We also offer space for the mystical activity of group worship through dance and music. Our space will create a safe haven for artists and scholars to congregate and develop strategies for positive interaction with a wounded world. The road to self-discovery is long, arduous, and often quite perilous but we can help each other walk this path. If we truly wish to heal our world, we must become impassioned and wholly committed practitioners of an inviolable inner truth, and that truth is and always will be love. 

We plan to slowly cultivate a robust global congregation of individuals dedicated to taking personal responsibility for the events and realities of the world rather than placing the blame on the Other, whether the Other be persons from different religious, racial, or political backgrounds, or persons from other countries. The truth is that more individuals must reach this higher place in consciousness or nothing significant will shift in the broader human realm.

Through regular distribution of the written and spoken word, at our weekly Disco Church services, and during the week in the study space, Kosmos will gently foster the development of this idea that we ourselves are responsible for what happens in the world. We are responsible for the economic decisions we make and for the words we choose to speak. We seek to address the fact that we are no longer in control of our own emotions, thoughts, and habits but are manipulated by larger entities which do not always have humanity’s best interests at heart. From the point of view of depth psychology, many of these manipulative and destructive entities reside within our own psyches and control us without our knowledge.

We can change the story of humanity together, if we accept responsibility for the way the story has been told so far, and this means first and foremost questioning the validity of our own stories.

In this increasingly insane world, it is imperative that we dream more and explore the mythical realms of the collective unconscious so that we may give birth to a new process of peaceful cohabitation. Our world is in too much trouble and we must come together, face our fears together, so that we may join hands and lovingly engage in the work of redeeming our planet, safeguarding a future for our children, and protecting all of the world’s innocent beings from a potentially gruesome outcome.

It is precisely in these times of great challenge that a correspondingly large field of love and unity can be born. Within the walls of our Disco Church and art and study space for engaged creative scholars, Kosmos hopes to inspire a sense of loving urgency. For us, the road to this open and loving engagement with the world begins on the dance floor. The disco dance floor is a unique space charged with archetypal possibilities, and the primordial and mystical experiences on the dance floor can lead individuals away from the selfish smallness of the ego towards an expanded heart that is connected with all beings and with the universe. It is this essential inner transformation that is the key to our work, for it develops in our congregants a broader, more loving and reverential approach to life. Once this soulful expansion has been manifested, working in the world for good becomes a natural next step. 

Kosmos is currently undergoing the licensure process and will open to the public in December 2018.

You may contact us by sending an email to kosmosgalleryva@gmail.com