The Creative Soul — Collage Workshops

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Collage is a medium suitable for novices and seasoned creators alike, mainly because there are no rules and the application is simple!  Allow your soul to wander in creativity while exploring and playing with images. Images are powerful tools that offer insight into our often ignored inner depths. 

Engage with your own inner insight as you work in an inspiring environment where you can also make new friends. Collage work can be very simple or very complex, the choice is yours. 

Bring a friend and come create something new and beautiful together—your soul will thank you! 

Working with collage helps you to gain a new perspective on your life, especially when you allow yourself the freedom to hear the messages that are there for you in the images you select to work with. This work is also tremendously healing and relaxing. It can help you create a balanced way of life so your soul and your busy mind have an equal share of your attention. 

Tap into your inner creativity and see what comes out— you may surprise yourself! 

You may bring your own magazines and supplies if you like, but we supply all the necessary materials so all you need to do is show up.

Meet Your Teachers!


Shannon Tilley

Shannon Tilley is an intuitive and process-based artist living in Roanoke, VA. She dabbles in many forms of artistic endeavors, including collage, painting, mixed media, fashion, and is even trying her hand at gardening! Shannon believes there is creativity within all of us, and believes very strongly in the healing power of exploring our creativity. She believes we continually discover more of who we are through the practice of art-making. Shannon is currently working to complete her Master of Arts in Depth Psychology with an emphasis on Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life from Pacifica Graduate Institute.


Gelareh Khoie

Gelareh Khoie is an Iranian-American artist, writer, DJ, impresario, and budding Jungian scholar. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute and a Master of Arts in Depth Psychology, Emphasis on Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life, from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Gelareh is currently enrolled in the Jungian and Archetypal Studies program, also at Pacifica Graduate Institute, working towards her second masters degree and Ph.D. For many years, she lived and worked in Honolulu where she coordinated and organized countless art and music events. For almost ten years, she founded, owned, and operated a highly successful and influential creative space in Honolulu’s historic Chinatown district. thirtyninehotel was where she honed her skills at creative space design, exhibitions and curating, event production, and extensive community development. Her work has been widely exhibited in Honolulu, where she received numerous awards for her artwork and her professional work. In 2019, Khoie launched her newest venture—Kosmos—a community space for art, music, and scholarship located in Roanoke, Virginia.

Creative Soul Collage Workshops are held every Thursday evening from 6-8.

Complimentary tea, coffee, and snacks are available and you may bring your own wine if you like.

The cost is $25 per class. Please click the link below to pay for class. Your name will be on a list when you arrive and you will also receive an email receipt. We have space for 12 students per class. If a class is full when you sign up we will let you know and you can attend the following week.

If you have questions or need more information please contact

Our collage workshops are a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday or other special event. If you would like to organize a group booking please email us with the date and number of guests in your party and we will respond with a few simple options.

Visual Art Exhibitions

Gelareh Khoie, Oil on Canvas, 72” x 72”

Gelareh Khoie, Oil on Canvas, 72” x 72”

The gallery at Kosmos features the work of owner and founder, Gelareh Khoie. You can see more of her artwork and learn about her other creative pursuits at

Gelareh Khoie works in all media including painting, drawing, collage, photography, filmmaking, dancing, and conceptual art. With the existence of the large practice studio and exhibition space at Komsos, Khoie plans to return to her first love—large, abstract expressionist paintings.

On Sundays, Khoie will utilize her creative skills in sacred space and environment design and her experience as a DJ by featuring a community dance event—her aural and psychospiritual contribution to an ongoing exploration of Archetypal Disco—her primary area of academic interest.

Look for a variety of creative expressions at Kosmos as Khoie is a jack of all trades and generally leaves an artistic mark on everything from the layout of the room to the film projections on the storefront window. The project as a whole can be viewed as a living work of art.

Khoie’s inspiration has always derived from the collective unconscious. For many years prior to becoming a student of Depth Psychology, she referred to her paintings as psychic landscapes. Khoie believes that art is a linguistic expression of the soul. While there are countless academic, critical, and theoretical definitions of art, for Khoie, art’s soulful propensities are paramount.

An exhibition of new paintings along with the grand opening event are slated for late June. Please check back after June 25th for details.