(Beginning Second Week in August 2019)

Saturdays from 4-7 PM


A weekly drawing class that pushes the boundaries of traditional academy-style art making which can be stifling to the creative spirit seeking expression. Emphasis will be on loose, expressionistic drawing styles to release fears and inhibitions and to facilitate an easy rapport with both the materials we use and the subject matter we choose to draw.

A widely eclectic mix of music played on a lovely sound system assists artists in traveling through different emotional and psychological landscapes as images appear on the paper.

You may bring your own drawing materials or borrow some from us until you know what you like to work with best. Pencils, ink, charcoal, gouaches, watercolors, and even collage work can all be included in the creative explorations on paper.

Beginners and seasoned artists are welcome to attend.

Butcher paper is available for free for sketches and serious works, too.

Your first class is complimentary. After that the cost is $10 per class.

Please just drop on in and we will take your name and information and add you to our list of students.