Whoseoever danceth not, knoweth not what cometh to pass—The Hymn of Jesus, The Acts of John

As a space for weekly dancing and spiritual worship, Kosmos is primarily interested in what I am calling Archetypal Disco. The world of disco clubs and dancing has a rich history spanning several decades and boasts a mind-blowing level of influence on the development of cultural attitudes and norms. However, while most dance clubs and images from the disco era tend to focus on the hedonistic aspects of this culture, Kosmos is attuned to a rather higher spiritual frequency.

Most people think “disco” and immediately conjure up visions of platform shoes, bell-bottomed pants, and the popular 1977 film, Saturday Night Fever, yet few realize that disco is a complex and enduring phenomenon with far-reaching archetypal dimensions. Indeed, it is precisely disco’s global reach and its ongoing cultural dominance which point most clearly to its ontological roots in archetypal psychology. Like archetypes, disco is an ephemeral yet beguiling unknown—a mystery packing a unique power to reanimate and sacralize the ailing souls of contemporary men and women. This is important since a vibrant, living connection to the immanence of soul sustains life and revisions the world anew, and now, more than ever it seems, we are in need of such soulful revisioning.

The primary aim of disco is nothing short of transcendental transformation for it seeks to recalibrate the psychospiritual domain by forcing consciousness to relinquish its allegiance to the ego in favor of a well functioning ego/Self axis. In Disco, this is accomplished when the individual’s psyche is coaxed into correct alignment with the collective psychic forcefield generated on the dance floor, mimicking the centrifugal action of the archetypal Self which pulls the ego into a broader psychological orbit. This universal urge to gain wholeness for the soul—essentially of seeking and finding God, thereby expanding consciousness—is disco’s central ambition and explains its enduring legacy.

At Kosmos, on Sunday afternoons, we will explore these transcendental overtures of the soul in practice, together on the dance floor. A small yet beautiful sound system, and a DJ and music selector with sophisticated and adventurous musical tastes will take everyone on transformative and inspiring archetypal journeys.

Kosmos is a drug and alcohol-free space. For the dancers here, transcendence will have to take place using substances that a body and soul in motion naturally provide.