What Is Dead May Never Die

I recently created this video to explain, through the language of myth, where my passion for dancing comes from and why I feel so strongly about its liberating potential. All of us are impacted by the events of our past. These events shape who we become whether we like it or not. If our history contains sadness and loss, if things were far from perfect, then we have a unique opportunity to move beyond any resentment we may still feel and instead search for the hidden gold. It is often our most painful parts that offer a way toward personal growth. We live in a world that disincentivizes deep emotionality. If we feel deeply, we are called “weird” or “freak” or else we may discover that we are being silently ostracized. But I think if we keep digging, we’ll find inner support and eventually, we’ll find ourselves all over again. We should all be brave and try to grow. Our world demands that we grow more full and more vast and more flexible.

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